Meet Gail Hayden, Media Image Consultant

Over the past twenty years, Gail Hayden has become a well-known and respected figure in the broadcast image consulting field as well as in makeup artistry. Her in-depth knowledge of the varied facets of the visual image, particularly for the television medium have made her a valued resource for over 85 television news departments and special broadcast groups, as well as individuals such as Cloris Leachman, Morgan Brittany, Lynn Anderson, the Judds, network news talent, sports figures (The Dallas Cowboys, ESPN), politicians, and spokespersons for national organizations like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers). 

Gail worked and trained with some of the top stars of the cosmetic and beauty industry: Maurice Stein of Cinema Secrets in Hollywood, Aida Grey of Beverly Hills, Harry Blake and Joe Blasco in Hollywood, Bob Kelley, Jay Pearlman, and Joey Mills of New York City.

Maquillage Makeup Media's studio, image consulting and cosmetics business was developed as Gail's reputation grew with extensive travels to consult clients from New York to Los Angeles, San Diego to Philadelphia, Miami to Seattle and eventually, Europe. Gail's work drew national praise in a Harper's Bazaar feature "All American Beauty Roundup-top Ten Makeover Experts in the United States".

Maquillage Makeup Media/Gail Hayden is listed in the Millenium Edition of the Nationwide Register of Who's Who in Executives and Businesses to be housed in the Library of Congress.

Gail's ability to help her clients find their own best image in terms of color, cosmetics and visual coordination of their personal elements has won her a loyal following from on-air personalities and non-broadcast individuals of all ages and types. To quote one of her prestigious client executives, "Gail's best asset is not the makeup she gives us to cover up, but what she's able to bring out of us from the inside". Gail Hayden helps people to shine on their own. 


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